With litigation becoming more commonplace all of the main engineering bodies now insist on Professional Indemnity cover being taken out by the engineering company to cover any negligent act, error or omission that could lead to a claim being made.

In today’s litigious environment, there is an ever-growing tendency to include as many parties as possible if claim is made by a client for work carried out on their behalf, regardless of liability. With the engineering profession often adding significant value to many complex projects, it is not surprising that they are often the target for litigation.

With the term “engineer” covering so many different aspects of work from heating and ventilation work to geotechnical and ground work.  It is important that when looking for a Professional Indemnity broker, you choose one who has experience in dealing with engineering related policies.

With insurers often offer varied cover, particularly regarding pollution or collateral warranties. your broker has to be alert to the fact that cover may be different from wording to wording and from insurer to insurer.

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